The Missing Links Of Tannadee

ISBN: 9781805143819
Publisher: Matador
Release Date: June, 2024

Book Details

Aiming to be a clan chief is easy when you have the right credentials. It’s a bit more tricky when you haven’t any. But lack of proof need be no barrier when you’re absolutely brimming with all the right stuff to make a great chief. At least that’s the theory according to billionaire, ego-maniac, Gordon Weever. No one is going to get in Weever’s way. And just to make sure, he hires a pair of crooks to see off his rival. The crooks though have problems of their own, only a little dog can help them. They need to get their hands on that dog, and an increasingly desperate Weever needs to get hands on something that passes for real credentials. Standing in their way is a plucky band of villagers who are out to thwart them both.

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