Tell My Son to Make Peace With His Forefathers: And the Involvement of Natalie Klein

ISBN: 9781835740224
Publisher: The Book Guild Ltd
Release Date: July, 2028

Book Details

In the continuing tales of Natalie Klein, our heroine is prevailed upon to help a friend in need, whose son is in a poor state and has not yet made peace with his late father who lies in The Valley of the Blessed in Israel. We follow Natalie to Israel with the mother and son, and then back to her London life as a medical secretary in the capital’s largest hospital. Along the way we meet the various characters such as Natalie’s appalling colleague who tries to get her sacked, her vindictive boss and a secretary who challenges her – but what will be Natalie’s revenge? However, these are just precursors to Natalie’s final act of devastating revenge against the printer who plagued her father’s newspaper, whom she spies at a crowded fancy dress party in Hampstead dressed up as Hitler…

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