No One So Much as You

ISBN: 9781835740187
Publisher: The Book Guild Ltd
Release Date: July, 2028

Book Details

They’re poles apart, yet Charlotte and Max are each drowning in their past; can a chance encounter provide the lifeline they both need? Charlotte’s life has come to a standstill through circumstance, choice and pure bad luck. Her marriage, career and dreams of starting a family have all come to nothing, and she feels isolated and numb. Her world is then rocked by a chance meeting with the enigmatic Max who, despite outward success as a well-known actor, is desperately trying to suppress his own personal tragedy. Charlotte inadvertently enters a glamorous world of fame and fortune alongside the rediscovery of her own creativity as an artist. But all is not as it seems and Charlotte soon learns that rebirth comes at a price. Gradually, she understands that Max is lost too and that she has an important part to play in saving him as well as herself, if she chooses to take it.

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