What Tomorrow Brings

ISBN: 9781805141808
Format: P
Publisher: Matador Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

Doctor Eleanor Sutherland is urgently summoned back to the family home, by her Senior Police Officer father. To her horror, with Ministerial approval she was made sole heir to the estate of the now deceased British MP, Nigel Trevisa. Her father reveals a story of covert data gathering on Nigel Trevisa. How did he achieve high office? Why did his sexual predatory tendencies go unpunished? Where did the money come from to acquire a grand lifestyle? His task turned into an obsession as the questions went unanswered. Together with trusted family and friends, Eleanor yields to her father’s request if only to untangle herself from his spooky world. As the pace accelerates, the vengefulness and brutality of Trevisa’s only offspring Cassandra, comes as a complete shock to all. In Eleanor’s battle to stay alive she not only takes on the persona of someone brave and fearless, but places her trust in one man. This makes her question if cutting herself off from emotional involvement is a good idea, as they become romantically closer. In an explosive double-headed climax three people will not survive the ordeal.

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