The Blood Countess

ISBN: 9781805142102
Format: P
Publisher: Matador Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: November, 2023

Book Details

Two women separated by five hundred years, each with a secret – the infamous ‘Blood Countess'(1560-1614), notorious for bathing in the blood of six-hundred-and-fifty women in Renaissance Hungary and Transylvania; and the woman driven to re-write her story in the present – an academic who lives in and out of time because of a near death experience and who escapes ruin at the hands of rival scholars desperate to see her and her world destroyed at any cost. But Bathory’s story will be told! Not as a murderer or a dark witch, as history would have us believe today, but as a woman who became a subversive printer and smuggler of banned books, rocked the religious foundations of the Austro-Hungarian Empire with only a band of faithful refugee women to help her, and who’s revolutionary ideas would challenge even the Emperor himself! Bathory’s modern day chronicler becomes the cipher of this secret history, uncovering the real life of the Blood Countess. What she doesn’t know is that the Blood Countess is rewriting her across time… Based on 100s of hours of original historical research, this novel is a transformational account of not only of the infamous story of the so-called Blood Countess, but a searing exploration of what history is and what history does to women.

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