The Retreat

ISBN: 9781915853943
Format: P
Publisher: Book Guild Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

In the wake of burnout, mental health struggles and a painful breakup, twenty-something Max is feeling lost and seeking solace. He is persuaded by a friend to visit an isolated meditation retreat nestled in the serene French countryside. At first the retreat seems idyllic, but as the week unfolds, Max’s intuition alerts him that something is not right. Why do the staff act so strangely? Why is there a curfew? What are the mysterious noises in the woods at night? As his stay progresses, Max gradually uncovers the retreat’s chilling truth – something that contradicts its facade of serenity and peace. With his sanity at stake, Max navigates the treacherous path within the retreat’s bounds and becomes determined to expose its sinister secret to the outside world. Will Max be able to confront the darkness hidden beneath the retreat’s tranquil surface before it’s too late?

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