Miko And Her Music

ISBN: 9781805140771
Format: P
Publisher: Matador Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

Miko And Her Music is the first picture book featuring free-spirited, happy and adventurous, Miko. Miko views the world around her as providing boundless opportunity to live, learn and find joy. She wants to find her place in this world and her main purpose, but it’s only when her closest friend Zac falls ill and in need of a large dose of TLC, that she gets her answer. While attempting to entertain Zac on a drum kit, Miko realises that her drumming has an uplifting impact on Zac. From that moment, Miko knows she wants to make music to fulfil her dreams and bring joy and inspiration to others. Join Miko on her voyage of self-discovery in this charming, illustrated storybook for 5-7 year olds that teaches children all about life, love and the universal power of music. Written, illustrated and designed by artist Prema Sundararajan and inspired by Prema’s personal experience of the transformative effect of music, this book has been created cover to cover, from the heart.

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