Harry’s Holiday

ISBN: 9781916668133
Format: P
Publisher: Book Guild
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

Harry’s Holiday is the second in the inspiring Scottish trilogy The Tales of Harry Also. Scarecrow Harry’s adventures begin when he leaves the tranquillity of his organic garden. Lumbering on to the back of an old Ford pick-up, Harry travels to the Angus seaside for his first holiday, where he meets new characters including Hilary Pig, a yellow seagull named Lara, Ruben the starfish fairy and many others who admire his unconquerable spirit. But when danger strikes, will Harry’s quick wit be enough to save the motley crew as they encounter the bullies, myths and monsters of the North Sea? Young readers will learn all about empathy, problem solving and the human impact on the health of the wondrous oceans in this captivating story.

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