Long-Reining: The Basics of the Classical Training Method

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Fundamentals from the world’s “long-reining maestro.”

If long-reining (long-lining) is an essential building block in a horse’s training, this book is the essential building block in every horse person’s education. Readers are primed in classically correct long-reining basics by renowned German trainer Wilfried Gehrmann, giving them a safe and solid launch point for the development of a sport horse in a variety of disciplines. General guidelines are given for:

  • Preparing the horse for work in long-reins and the related equipment.
  • Handling the reins and whip.
  • Positioning of the handler’s body—both when moving with the horse and when asking the horse to move in longe circles and other figures.
  • Development of lateral work.
  • Long-reining over ground poles and jumps.
  • Starting the driving horse.
  • Working the vaulting horse.
  • Acquiring the skills needed for advanced movements in-hand and under saddle, such as piaffe and passage.

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