Life As a Dressage Trainer in Three Countries: A Journey Made Possible by a Love for the Horse

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A delightfully entertaining journey following the lifelong development of a devoted horseman, and the opportunities and challenges native to such a pursuit in different parts of the world.

It was at the age of thirteen that Gunnar Ostergaard wrote in his journal, “Is there anything more beautiful than horses?” The rhetorical question would come to guide his every step as he sought a way to build a life around that which he loved most. What transpired was a journey through three lands and cultures, each providing a different window into the body and mind of the horse and the heart and soul of the horseman. In these pages he traces his path from Denmark to Germany to the United States, providing a glimpse into the world of rider development in three vastly different places, as well as a rare peek behind the curtain of top international dressage training and competition. Throughout, Gunnar is funny and frank, generously sharing both his struggles and successes. The result is a highly entertaining history lesson that is at the same time rich in equestrian philosophy readers can immediately apply to their own riding lives.

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