The Seventh Terrace

ISBN: 9781805144441
Format: P
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: April, 2024

Book Details

Detty and Mara are enjoying life in their new homes and are finally free from the threats and organised crimes. Or so they believe. While planning a restoration, Detty makes an alarming discovery in their Polish manor house. Disturbed by the find, her husband Marc leaves to for the Lake District to try and come to terms with his country’s past. Mara, against her President father’s better judgement, has been persuaded to enter politics. She is surprised to find she not only excels in her new role but enjoys it too. Meanwhile, Detty finds increasing success as a singer, enjoying the financial independence and only accepting those engagements that appeal to her. She leads a busy life performing, as well as being the joint director of the new music college at Schloss Krenek with the tenor Hank Schliessen. But disaster strikes, this time from within Livonia and they must summon up all their resources to try and cope with it all. Will they face failure or is there a way out? The Seventh Terrace is the fifth book in the Livonia Saga.

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