Scholarship Boy – Life Away from Work

ISBN: 9781805144960
Format: H
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: April, 2024

Book Details

In the third volume of memoirs by Professor Anthony Roberts OBE, Scholarship Boy – Life Away from Work, we see him through his personal life at school, as a bachelor, and as a married man with two children and four grandchildren. Growing up with very little money, Anthony had to work whenever it was possible and the money he earned, together with various scholarships, enabled him to become a cub, a scout and to start travelling. A military cadet at school, he would have joined the Royal Air Force to fly had his eyesight not made this possible. He was a choirboy and played both the flute and the violin and as he got older, he became interested in cars and motorbikes and houses. Anthony’s studies and full-time career, which is described in the first two volumes, took over and this left little time for sports, hobbies or free time. This continued after his retirement where he taught part time around the world until 2022. Scholarship Boy – Life Away from Work by Professor Anthony Roberts OBE showcases his extraordinary life and the contributions he’s made outside his work.

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