The Horse Agility Handbook: A Step-by-Step Introduction to the Sport (NEW EDITION)

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The ideal introductory book for anyone interested in giving the sport of Horse Agility a try, or for those looking for out-of-the-box training ideas to keep horses interested in learning and happily engaged.

Over the past few decades, an evolution in how we go about training horses has encouraged horse owners to spend more time handling their horses on the ground in order to achieve good behavior, mutual trust, and a healthy partnership, before they ever think about getting in the saddle. In addition, horses are being discovered as ideal companions by many individuals who may have little interest in riding at all, but who do enjoy pursuing activities that are fun for both human and horse. These changes have created a generation of horsepeople eager to pursue the competitive and social benefits of Horse Agility, the first internationally recognized, competitive horse sport dedicated to those who most enjoy working their horses from the ground. In this terrific handbook, Founder of the International Horse Agility Club and horse trainer Vanessa Bee, shows you all you need to know to try it for yourself.

Like the hugely popular Dog Agility classes enjoyed by countless canines and their handlers, all over the world, Horse Agility involves a colorful obstacle course and subtle directions from a handler. The horse learns to complete the course because he chooses to—not because he is constrained, forced, whipped, prodded, or bribed. Bee explains there is no reason the horse cannot enjoy your time together so much, he will choose to “play” with you—over, under, and through obstacles, without a lead rope, even when loose in a large, grassy pasture.


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