ISBN: 9783954990078
Format: DVD

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A fascinating and supreme discipline of classical equitation: the art of Long Reining. Mutual trust between horse and man are a must. The trainer has only very few aids at his disposal to communicate with his horse in all its gaits and for its exercises.

Work on the Long Reins is extremely enriching for anyone looking for a new challenge and wanting to introduce variety into daily training. This type of work is also a meaningful occupation for horses which, for health reasons, cannot be ridden.

This film will show you how, step by step, from the very beginning up to Haute Ecole. Topics covered in the film are:

– Equipment for horse and human
– In-hand preparatory work
– Basic position of the Long Reins
– First steps on the Long Reins
– Lateral movements
– Work at canter
– Piaffe, passage and Spanish walk

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