Quiet Word with Your Horse: Learning by Reward – The Key to Motivation and Trust

ISBN: 9780857880079
Format: Paperback

Book Details

It is a magical moment when horse and owner really understand each other for the first time. Positive horse training using clicker and target combines the benefits of a communicative relationship with an effective training method. It is the horse-friendly alternative to the very common coercive methods where dominance and submission prevail. In this book, behavioural biologist Marlitt Wendt explains the mechanisms of reward learning in a practical way, based on the findings of modern equine learning psychology. The key to motivating horses can be found in a logically constructed reward system. Positive training methods offer the opportunity to shape the horse’s behaviour in a gentle way. Almost incidentally, the owner develops a feel for the horse’s psyche and discovers its many and varied creative skills and intelligence.

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