Why Three Fs?

ISBN: 9781805141921
Format: P
Publisher: Matador Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

For anyone visiting their GP looking for solutions to stress, anxiety or depression, this book should be handed to them well before a medication or counselling prescription. WTF? is thoroughly researched, easy to understand, deeply re-assuring and hugely informative. Rosalind Townsend’s vast experience as a therapist and mental health professional has equipped her with deep knowledge and rich client experience – and the content of this book is a gift to anyone suffering from mental health difficulties and to therapists working with the same. This is no pebble in a pond with ripple effects, it’s a beautiful big boulder, with waves of wisdom that will empower and motivate readers (and their friends) for the rest of their lives. “If you’ve ever struggled with depression, anxiety, panic attacks or post-traumatic stress, then buy WTF?, read it in one sitting, complete the easy exercises and watch your life be quickly lifted. Your symptoms are not a mystery. Your challenges are not unsolvable. Your journey back to confidence and clear thinking need not be lengthy or complicated. If you’ve been looking for a bright light and a short tunnel, you’ve found it.” Jennifer Broadley, Author, Executive Life Coach and Therapist “Clear, practical advice and easy-to-use techniques will help you unlock and build on personal, inner strengths to move rapidly towards a more relaxed, productive, and happier life. An unusually good book.” Dr James Oliver, General Practitioner

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