Tomorrow Never Waits: My Life Story – So Far

ISBN: 9781805142201
Format: HB
Publisher: Matador Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: March, 2024

Book Details

In this autobiography, Richard Madeley recalls his journey in life and the laughter, tears, frustrations and successes that have driven him. Having struggled to find academic inspiration at school and brought up in a loving but sheltered home, he felt unprepared for adult life. A careers lecture confirmed his instincts for adventure and so he applied to join the Royal Marines. He started his training as a young officer aged eighteen and completed twelve months at the Commando Training Centre. This was the start of a journey of self-discovery which shaped his career and life thereafter including a successful transition to a City career after his time in uniform.

Madeley’s zest for life, coupled with a strong competitive instinct has been his driving force and provided him with plenty of successes as well as some disappointments. Determined to live life to the full, and with a reluctance to grow up, he has enjoyed an active and diverse career, supported by a loving and patient wife.

This is an open and honest account of his life, blending humour, experience, and cautionary wisdom for his children and readers.





Author Biography: 

Richard Madeley spent twelve years as a young officer in the Royal Marines serving in Northern Ireland and elsewhere, before commencing a successful career in the City. He is married with grown up children and is now an independent adviser and actively involved with a major London livery company.

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