A Practical Arrangement: A life less ordinary. Unfulfilled ambition, adultery and descent into crime

ISBN: 9781805142089
Format: P
Publisher: Matador Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: January, 2024

Book Details

A Practical Arrangement is a life-affirming, bitter-sweet tale of an ordinary family life uncontrollably descending into despair, crime and impossible choices. A sobering narrative for our times of unrealistic and unattainable life expectations. When a nurturing boss leaves the biotech company Andy works for, he is left struggling with his jealous peers and the fear of onrushing redundancy. With finances stretched and a growing family to support, Andy is pushed to breaking point. Sneaking some samples of an untested depression medication into his bag one evening after work, Andy hopes the drug will help him to turn his life around. Instead, Andy falls into an abusive and life-changing affair with the headstrong paradox that is Janey Robins who trades her body for Andy’s intoxicating drug. A practical arrangement riven with self-interest and mutual deceit. But it is not only Janey who is interested in the drug as the police close in on the source of a life-threatening new drug which has suddenly appeared on the streets. Will Andy be able to turn things around, or have the choices he has made ruin his family life and career beyond redemption?

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