Steam Trails: North Wales *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9780711034730

Book Details

Michael Clemens and his father were keenly interested in railways and travelled widely throughout the United Kingdom covering the changing railway scene using both cine and still photography. In the third of a series recording a pictorial tribute to the final years of steam operation, the author covers the lines of North Wales.
Covering an area largely north of a line from Shrewsbury to Aberystwyth and west of a line from Shrewsbury to Birkenhead, and including the Cambrian lines in the east (including Ellesmere and Whitchurch), the author provides a selection of largely unpublished photographs to illustrate the diversity of steam operation in North Wales. Always a popular area with enthusiasts, North Wales possessed a fascinating network of lines that are explored in the pages of this book. It will appeal to all enthusiasts who know the area as well as to locals looking back fondly on a long-lost era.

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