Railways of Beckenham *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9781906419592

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Railways in the London suburbs have for too long been the poor relation when it comes to the recording of their history. The system as exists today was born out of proposal, counter proposal and eventual development, resulting in one of the most complex and heavily used networks anywhere in the word.

The Beckenham area is a classic example of this development which went hand in hand with the building of what is now is busy suburb. Yet, until now, it has received little coverage from a historical transport perspective.

This new book by former resident Andrew Hajduki fills an important gap, chronicling the history of the transport links of the area and covering the time in the Victoria era when railways were first seriously considered, through their building, development, operation, electrification and subsequent life in the 21st century.

Drawing on over 100 quality illustrations, many of which will never have been seen before, here is a book to delight two distinct and separate audiences, the railway enthusiast certainly, but also the residents of South London and Kent who can at last learn how their area came to be what it is today.

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