Railway Wagon Plans: 1980s to Present Day

ISBN: 9780711038431
Format: Hardback, 160 Pages

Book Details

The author has been a railway modeller for many years and he is also a trained draughtsman. As detailed drawings of current wagons are difficult to obtain he decided to produce a series of his own drawings of modern British railway wagons (back as far as the 1980s).

The book contains approximately 50 collections of drawings in 4mm/ft scale with enlarged detail at 8mm/ft or scaled as appropriate. Each wagon is shown in three elevations, normally over two pages, most accompanied by a colour detail photographs of each particular wagon.

There is also an appendix of wagon loads to fit the drawings, which includes Hapag/Lloyd containers, RMC ‘Inbulk’ Tank, Charter Rail lorry for KOA wagon and Scorpion light tank for KFA wagon. Photographs accompany about half the wagons shown in the appendix.


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