Railway Breakdown Cranes Vol 2: The Story of Breakdown Cranes on the Railways of Britain

ISBN: 9781910809921
Format: Hardback

Book Details

First published in 2013 to critical acclaim, Railway Breakdown Cranes Volume 2 details the larger breakdown cranes of 36 tons capacity and above that were used by various railway companies as well as British Railways. Also included are cranes operated by the Ministry of Supply.
As with the other two volumes in this series, Peter Tatlow, a now retired professional engineer, describes the types of cranes covered in great detail supplemented by his expert scale drawings.
Information contained within includes the make up the cranes, their technical details, weights, sizes and other relevant information and just as importantly, many illustrations of cranes at work in a variety of situations. This is a reissue of a book which has genuinely been sought after by many and will enable those who did not get a chance to buy it first time out, to complete the three book series which has become the definitive reference source on British railway cranes.

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