Rail Atlas of Great Britain & Ireland 15Ed

ISBN: 9780860936817
Format: Hardback

Book Details

The Rail Atlas of Great Britain and Ireland was first published in 1977 and 2020 will see the release of its new 15th edition, proof indeed that the Atlas is one of the most successful and sought after railway titles ever published.

The Atlas is the most accurate, reliable and up to date guide to the current railway network in the British Isles. Lines open to all traffic and those used by freight only are differentiated as are single track sections. The maps also show preserved lines, freight terminals, LRT schemes, passenger stations, lines under construction and proposed lines.

This new edition as always has been fully revised and updated whilst retaining the convenient format established in previous editions. The mapping on each page overlaps with that on adjoining pages to make it easier to follow a long-distance route. Where appropriate, additional detailed inset maps have been drawn to show the complex railway developments in metropolitan areas such as London and Manchester.

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