Modern Railway Directory 2010 *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9780711034495

Book Details

This special “Modern Railways” annual publication details all parties involved in the operation, maintenance, manufacture, supply and management of the UK rail industry and gives an overview of developments in Europe. Edited by “Modern Railways”‘ Ken Cordner with contributions from Roger Ford, Tony Miles, John Gough and other members of the team, “The Modern Railway Directory” examines all aspects of: policy and finance; infrastructure maintenance and renewal; train operation (passenger and freight); civil engineering; rolling stock manufacture and maintenance; signal and telecommunications; customer interface and support; light rail and metro systems; and, European developments. As well as editorials on all the key players and projects, “The Modern Railway Directory 2010” includes a comprehensive listing of over 1400 suppliers and business involved in keeping the UK industry in operation. This section has comprehensive contact information, including website addresses and email details, making this publication an essential tool for today’s railway professional.

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