Modern Railway 2020 *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9781912205967
Format: Hardback

Book Details

Produced annually by the team from Modern Railways, The Modern Railway 2020 offers a comprehensive review of the UK rail industry, along with an overview of events in Europe. With contributions from Roger Ford, Tony Miles, Alan Williams and other members of the team, The Modern Railway 2020 provides an in-depth examination of:

  • Policy and finance
  • Infrastructure maintenance and renewal
  • Train operation (passenger and freight)
  • Major projects now under way
  • Rolling stock manufacturing and maintenance
  • Signalling and telecommunications
  • Customer interface and support
  • Light rail and Metro systems
  • European developments

As well as editorial coverage of all the main players and projects, The Modern Railway 2020 includes a comprehensive directory of over 2,800 suppliers and businesses involved in all aspects of the UK industry.


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