Level Crossings *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9780711033085

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One of the beauties of the railway network is that, for the most part, it is completely segregated from other transport infrastructure; as such it is largely immune from the traffic congestion that plagues our roads.
There is, however, one point of direct interface between the railway and road networks, and that is the level crossing. In recent years, there has been growing concern about the safety issues surrounding level crossings as there have been a number of accidents both on the national network and on preserved lines that have led to tragic fatalities.
Written by one of the British Railway Board’s former Signalling and Safety Officers, this is an authoritative look at the history of the level crossing and all the safety issues surrounding them in the current day and age. This is the first time this subject has been covered in such great depth and it will appeal to all enthusiasts and be an ideal companion to the author’s previous books on railway accidents.

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