Hornby Magazine Yearbook No 10

ISBN: 9781912205271
Format: Hardback

Book Details

Hornby Magazine is at the forefront of model railway publishing, bringing you informed and enticing features discussing layouts, guides and showcasing the very latest products.

This tenth edition of the Hornby Magazine Yearbook puts the latest ‘Pacifics’ from Hornby head-to-head, reveals the story of the British

4-6-2, provides a guide to adding sound to Hornby’s new ‘Merchant Navy’, reflects on Railfreight sectorisation with a pair of Class 37s and rediscovers Hornby’s, 1970s introduced, Ferry Van with simple upgrades and detailing.

Add to that quality photography, in depth step-by-step guides from Tim Shackleton, Paul Chetter and Mike Wild, inspirational layouts from the pages of Hornby Magazine and evocative black and white prototype images, this Yearbook is packed full of great model and railway features to influence your own project.

This new volume of the Hornby Magazine Yearbook is a must-have addition for modellers of all ages and skill levels offering a tantalising view of the potential of model railways in all scales, and for a variety of eras too.

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