Hornby Magazine Yearbook 7 *Limited Stock*

ISBN: 9780946219704
Format: Hardback, 132 Pages

Book Details

Although the Hornby Magazine Yearbook is effectively a thirteenth issue of the magazine, it is presented in casebound format as a standalone book, rather than as a magazine or bookazine as produced by competitors. Its content is broadly in line with the magazine, and there is some continuity with certain key projects, but what makes the publication stand out from all of the others is that it is a self-contained guide to building a model railway from scratch.
The theme for this year’s edition is developing a branch line model railway for a spare room using the Operation Build It layout as its basis. This will include ‘how to’ features on open frame baseboards, digital wiring, rolling stock detailing and more together with historical features on branch line operations in the 1950s and 1960s. In addition there will be the annual review of the year’s new models, gallery feature and more.

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