Diesel Retrospective: Class 33 *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9780711032842

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Although the bulk of the Southern Region was either electrified by the late 1950s or was planned for future electrification, there remained a need for some diesel traction for the region.
The result was the 98-strong Class 33, with the first of the class entering service in 1958.
With three sub-classes, including the narrower 33/2 for use over the line to Hastings via Tunbridge Wells, the class was associated with the SR for the bulk of its career, although a small number were also used for a brief period on Cardiff-Crewe services.
While the entire class was withdrawn by 1999, the rise of private operators has seen a significant number of the class remain operational with others also entering preservation.
This carefully constructed pictorial tribute to the Class 33s includes over 250 colour and black and white illustrations recording the great variety of operations in which the class has been involved.
Preservationists will find this an absorbing read; modellers too will find it an essential reference as virtually every layout featuring the Southern Region from 1958 onwards should feature at least one of this type.
All this at a time when the class is entering the twilight of its career and of increasing interest.

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