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The history of mankind has been marked by the influence of remarkable scientists, inspired engineers, successful generals, controversial monarchs and many others who have all helped to shape the way that we live and think. Although they may be dead, the influence of many of these outstanding individuals often lives on long after their passing. In relation to architects and engineers, this can be marked either physically in the buildings and works that they created or with which they are associated, or spiritually in terms of the continuing influence of their ideas.
A good example of one of this inspirational figures is Brunel. In this book Jonathan Falconer examines the life and career of one of the most influential – and controversial of all British engineers, Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Brunel’s triumphs included the first tunnel under the Thames, the Clifton suspension bridge and, perhaps his two greatest triumphs, the Great Western Railway – now a World Heritage Site – and the SS Great Britain. This book provides the reader with both a biography of Brunel and a guide to the places where it is possible to see items that relate to him, either major buildings or small museum collection s. This is accompanied by a collection of both contemporary and present day illustrations.
The esteem in which this remarkable man is still held by the British public was demonstrated in the BBC ‘Greatest Briton’ series. Brunel, championed by Jeremy Clarkson, was to achieve a remarkable second place, beaten only by Churchill. The bicentenary of this enigmatic engineer’s birth was celebrated in April, 2006.

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