Ray’s Legacy

ISBN: 9781805141846
Format: P
Publisher: Matador Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: March, 2024

Book Details

The sudden death of Ray Luxton, beloved adopted Father and Grandfather of the Grantley family was a tremendous shock to everyone in Little Trenchard, especially to James, who was there when ‘Pops’ died.

Gradually they rallied and followed their chosen paths, generously helped by the bequests from Ray, but totally unaware of the further scandals that awaited them.

Melissa insinuated her way into their lives, revenge being her driving force, having discovered that her real father, Geoffrey James QC, had family connections with Ray Luxton.

Nothing was going to prevent her from pursuing vengeful plans. The trials and tribulations they all have to deal with will take many forms, eventually culminating in the mysterious disappearance of Melissa.

But where has she gone?

James has his doubts and worries that this is not the last they have seen of her.





Author Biography: 

Born and educated in Reigate, Surrey. P.R. Page became the first female Sergeant of 6/7 Queens Territorial Army Regiment. She also enjoys visiting her family to spend time with her daughter, son and three grandchildren all of whom give her great support and encouragement. Now retired and living in Devon, she enjoys writing, watercolour painting, patchwork and quilting

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