Lakeland Larks, Laughter and Lunacies: Of an Unmotorised Lake District Walker

ISBN: 9781916668942
Publisher: The Book Guild Ltd
Release Date: June, 2024

Book Details

Lakeland Larks, Laughter and Lunacies is a quirky memoir poking fun at the travails and tribulations of Anna Nolan’s car-less exploration of the Lake District, her home and playground, and reflecting her Polish ebullience. This exuberant and frolicsome book is shot through with humour, suffused with satire and drenched in comedy, striving to strike a balance between her mountain escapades and mishaps on one hand and jocular musings and satirical asides on the other. The latter touch on a wide range of topics including the hilarities arising out of culture clashes between native Britons and a foreigner in their midst, the quirks of human nature and the delights of a more mature age. Lakeland Larks, Laughter and Lunacies is a series of humorous anecdotes and witty digressions richly interspersed with comic verse with no particular chronology, which makes it perfect for being dipped in and out.

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