How to Leave a Group Chat

ISBN: 9781835740026
Publisher: The Book Guild Ltd
Release Date: June, 2024

Book Details

Do you lose hours of your life scrolling social media? Have too many group chats on your smartphone? Do you want to leave them, but don’t know how? Then this book is for you. How to Leave a Group Chat is a practical guide that will help you navigate the world of digital communication. Since the late eighties, communication has been developing at a speed that has greatly outpaced us and continues to do so. Social media and instant messengers might just be the tip of the iceberg but, although we enjoy them, they have pushed us into a new digital dimension which has dehumanised us, and we haven’t quite had the chance to understand what this means. How to Leave a Group Chat is a ground-breaking book which makes sense of this new digital age whilst providing a fascinating look at how we communicate and how this has changed over time.

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