The Amazing Adventures of Tobias T. Bear

ISBN: 9781805142065
Format: P
Publisher: Matador Publishing
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

Tobias, a magical walking talking teddy bear, is trying to escape the clutches of the wicked magician the Sand Master. Three children befriend Tobias, after waking him from a hundred-year sleep, when they play an old fun fair game called the Mystery Machine, which uses magic to whisk them away on many amazing adventures – to a dragon’s den, a pirate ship, and also a witch’s birthday party, and much more. But not all adventures go to plan! The evil Sand Master has used the same strange magic to make a gang of terrible toys to chase after Tobias – and anyone who helps him! Book 1 starts the story off with Tobias waking up at the Fun Fair at the end of a pier – where will it end?

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