Henry the Half-Time Hero

ISBN: 9781916668874
Publisher: The Book Guild Ltd
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

Henry Jaffa has a problem. His mum teaches English at his school and his dad is head of PE. But this isn’t the half of it. Dad is secretly Orangeman, the most powerful superhero in the universe. Unfortunately, and to Dad’s disappointment, Henry is merely half a hero. He has superpowers but they only turn up spasmodically. He has no idea which ones will kick in or how long they’ll stay. At first Henry had to be home-schooled; now it’s time for high school and pretending to be ‘normal’. But when a nosy schoolgirl uncovers the family ‘secret’ and writes a not-so-fictional book about it, Orangeman’s nemesis, mad scientist Dr Arnold Cramp, figures out who Dad really is – and discovers a way to rob him of all his powers… The only person in the world who can stop the evil, reboot Orangeman and make our world safe again is half-time Henry. Can Henry win the day – or will his unpredictable powers fail him?

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