Healthy Gut, Happy You

ISBN: 9781835740163
Publisher: The Book Guild Ltd
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

Do you know that, genetically, you are more bacterial than human? As you’re reading this, you are surrounded by your own unique cloud of microorganisms. You have trillions of bacteria living on you and inside of you, with around forty trillion bacteria living in your gut alone. For every human gene you have, you have at least 100 bacterial genes. These bacteria, along with other microbes, are known as your ‘gut microbiome’. But these bacteria don’t just inhabit your body; they are an integral part of your health and happiness, and when they go awry, disease can result. Healthy Gut, Happy You explores this incredible ecosystem while answering: * What is the gut microbiome? * What does the gut microbiome do? * Why is the gut microbiome so important? * What can I do to take care of it? Dr Emma Short has compiled this practical guide, filled with tips, tricks and gut-healthy recipes to help you and your gut microbiome to thrive.

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