33 Strength and Fitness Workouts for Horses: Practical Conditioning Plans Using Groundwork, Ridden Work, Poles, Hills, and Terrain *Pre-Order*

ISBN: 9781910016664
Format: BK
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: July, 2024

Book Details

For just about everything we do with horses-from trail riding to top level competition-a healthy state of fitness is key to both performance and longevity. Every horse will go better for longer if his mind and body are well prepared for the “ask.” When it comes to improving fitness, whether for humans or animals, the success of an exercise relies on dosage. How an exercise is applied, the duration and frequency of execution, and the weekly schedule within which it is incorporated determine its impact on fitness. Equine training and conditioning expert Jec Aristotle Ballou has now provided a book that takes the guesswork out of fitness gains. It clarifies how long and frequently to do a particular exercise and provides guidance in how to combine it with others for best results. The result is maximized health and athleticism in the horse. The 33 workouts in these pages help accomplish the performance goals that many riders strive for but fall short of reaching-stronger, more agile, and more balanced horses. They do this by circumventing the tension, both physical and mental, that often spoils conditioning attempts made within a discipline-specific or skill-based training session. By providing the right amount of stimulus while avoiding boredom, fatigue, and habituated neuromuscular patterns, Ballou’s workouts lead to positive physiological gains. With easy-to-follow step-by-step instructions and clear illustration, this book is a fundamental piece of any conscientious rider’s training plan and a key component to keeping horses performing happily for more years of their lives.

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