Bertrand and Wally Go to America

ISBN: 9781916668126
Format: P
Publisher: Book Guild
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: February, 2024

Book Details

Jumping up of a sudden, Wild Bill let fly: “Dang it if I ain’t a snap-happy joy-jiggered delight-diddlin’ son-of-a-gold-digger!” “And we’re off to America,” announced Bertrand cheerfully. “We are going to visit the great United States.” In Bertrand and Wally Go to America, our intrepid insects go to the USA. To New York City, where they meet Barnstorm Beetle, a Manhattan mobster, the Hood for robbing – but in the manner of a Robin Hood! And to Tuxedo, Arizona – the Wild West of Budge Cassidy and the Tapdance Kid and the cool cowboy cricket Squint Eatwood. Featuring fun illustrations by Brian P Ceney, this book is suitable for readers aged twelve and above, but would also suit grown-ups – under close supervision, of course!

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