Lake Avalon’s Champions: Lils Howells vs. the Dragon of Snowdon

ISBN: 9781916668683
Format: P
Origin: United Kingdom
Release Date: April, 2024

Book Details

Fresh out of medical school and coping with the loss of their mother, life is chaotic enough for Lils Howells. But when a little boy introduces himself as the powerful wizard Merlin, and tells Lils they’re in fact the reincarnation of King Arthur, life for Lils and their group of friends is destined to change forever. Lils’ dreams offer glimpses of King Arthur’s life in reverse, gradually convincing them of their true identity. As they grapple with the balance between their ordinary life and their newfound responsibilities, they must also lead the charge against the threat by the powerful enchantress Morgana to protect their world from impending doom. Lake Avalon’s Champions: Lils Howells vs. the Dragon of Snowdown weaves an enchanting narrative featuring a non-binary main character, that explores the duality of existence, friendship and the timeless echoes of Arthurian myth in the modern age.

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