Silversmith’s Manual *Limited Availability*

ISBN: 9780719800627
Format: Hardback

Book Details

First published over seventy years ago and reprinted many times over the years, with some updates and additions, this practical book is of interest to everyone who is connected with silver in any way. It explains the basic processes which are used by all silversmiths, whether they be individual craftsmen or mass-producers. Design is treated indirectly, so that the student or apprentice, who is following the lessons in the book will begin to understand the principles and problems of good design as he or she progresses. The principles underlying the use of machines and mass-production are given, although they are not treated in great detail. These machines are important, even to the craftsmen, because they relieve the silversmith of much laborious and dull manual work. However, their powers and limitations must be clearly understood, and the student must appreciate when it is aesthetically necessary to do work by hand. This important textbook, packed with many modern designs of numerous styles for all types of domestic silverware, should be beside every amateur and student silversmith at work

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