Stable Stereotypes

ISBN: 9781905693337
Format: Hardcover

Book Details

Stand back please! Horse approaching

Jane’s first season fence judging and she hasn’t felt so powerful since she was on jury service sorry, outside assistance! I shall have to notify the stewards, she hollers after an excited mum cries kick on darling. Just one of the many characters to be found in this hugely entertaining guide to the world of horse people, horses and in some cases their dogs. No part of the horse world escapes we meet the yard Know-It-All, the Horse Trials Supporter, Sally Safety, the Pony Club Granny, the Mother From Hell, the high-Goaler Girl, the Reluctant Loader, the Buyer Friend The Beleagured Husband, the Tuckshop Terror, the First-Time Dressage Writer, the Pet Collector, the Pony Club Lothario and many more. Based on the very popular Horse & Hound series, Stable Stereotypes brings to life all the many lovable, irritating and plain odd personalities that we all know  and dare one say it, perhaps one can recognise oneself

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