Think Like a Pony: Step 1 Workbook

ISBN: 9781905693108
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Think Like A Pony is for parents and children. Some parents have young children who are ‘pony mad’ but they themselves have no understanding or knowledge of ponies. By reading this book with their children they can learn together and enjoy the fascinating journey of understanding pony behaviour. Through this knowledge and understanding it can be seen how a pony can become: safe to be with safe to handle safe to ride and a willing friend and partner. The book is suitable for children between 6-12 years old. “Work Book One” is the follow on from the “Foundation Book”. The chapters cover: Your pony’s feet Developing Feel Your equipment and using it Protecting your personal space Catching your pony Putting on the halter Can I touch you? and Introducing the rope and stick to your pony. There are several chapters on using steady pressure to ask you pony to move. The final two chapters are concerned with gaining respect from your pony.

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