Sixty Years of Royal Welsh Champions

ISBN: 9780851319551
Format: Hardcover

Book Details

In “Sixty Years of Welsh Champion” breed expert Dr Wynne Davies presents a complete record of equine champions from the Royal Welsh Show 1947-2007. Arranged chronologically each year lists the female and male champions from each of the four Sections displaying their pedigree charts (going back to the great-great-grandparents) and records details of the breeder and exhibitor. Each entry is accompanied by a photograph some of which have never before appeared in print. In addition the introduction to the book offers a brief history of the show detailing the changes in the Section classes and the story behind the fluctuation in the number of entries.Both a beautifully presented book with numerous stunning photos and an exhaustive record of the event at the heart of the Welsh breeders calendar this is a must have for every Welsh Pony and Cob enthusiast.

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