Complete Show Jumper

ISBN: 9781905693368
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Packed with specially taken colour photographs, this book provides detailed training advice for the show jumping horse and rider, whether starting from scratch or wishing to compete at higher levels. Known for his effective teaching methods and down-to-earth approach, Ernest Dillon offers guidance on choosing the right horse, working on the lunge, flatwork schooling and early jumping, and the importance of the rider?s position. The book deals with jumping training, introducing the horse and rider to simple polework and later, gymnastic grids. The author describes how to overcome common problems; more advanced work with combinations and related distances; walking the course; plus collecting ring and jump-off techniques. The numerous sequence colour photographs depict riders from all levels, from novices to experienced Grand Prix competitors. In addition to practical advice, the book offers encouragement and inspiration and is peppered with the kind of training tips that separate winners from losers.

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