RIDE FROM WITHIN (DVD)#2:LOWER BODY *Limited Availability*

Format: DVD

Book Details

In DVD 2 – The Lower Body

This DVD offers Detailed Tutorials on the ground and mounted with Clear Explanations of how to improve your riding and allow your horse to move more freely. At the end of the DVD Exercises are done together so you can follow along.

Learn to:

  • Lower and expand your center of balance
  • Create free movement in your lower back & spine
  • Develop a deep and connected seat
  • Learn to use your breath as a successful aid
  • Increase your feel and sensitivity
  • Reduce tension unconsciously held in your body
  • Heal pain and stiffness in your neck, shoulders, lower back, hips and hands

Also Available: DVD 1 – The Upper Body $39.95

Companion to the book Ride from Within – Use Tai Chi Principles to Awaken Natural Balance and Rhythm

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