Brain Training for Riders

ISBN: 9781570767517
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Unlock Your Riding Potential with Stressless Techniques for Conquering Fear, Improving Performance, and Finding Focused Calm

Regardless of age, experience, or ability, the truth is that those who ride horses—whether just for fun or with serious competitive aspirations—often suffer from fear, anxiety, nervousness, and other performance blocks. According to Andrea Waldo, all are perfectly natural reactions based on how the human brain operates and its inherent patterns—but she acknowledges that riders often grow frustrated with what they know is counterproductive behavior. Waldo has a whole lot of experience with both common performance blocks and the resulting behaviors that can derail riding success. She has been a competitive rider for over 20 years, a riding instructor for 10, and was a psychotherapist for 18 with a specialty in trauma treatment and solution-oriented therapy.

Tapping these qualifications, Waldo developed StressLess Riding—simple, yet powerful exercises, and a comprehensive set of tools, to improve rider confidence and effectiveness in the saddle. This book introduces her techniques, while helping equestrians understand their emotions as an interaction between their brain chemistry and their experiences. “I can then help them craft lasting solutions that improve their quality of life and success in the saddle,” says Waldo.

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