ISBN: 9780984585021
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Round-Up: A Gathering of Equine Writings, is a compilation of articles and essays by equestrian journalist and author, Tom Moates. Renowned for his inquisitive nature and unconventional approach to the full-time pursuit of exceptional horse based stories, this award winning writer has more then 350 published articles to his credit. In this, his fourth horse-based book, Moates compiles twenty of the most notable of those equestrian works. The majority of the stories originally ran in magazines such as America’s Horse, Eclectic-Horseman, Equus, The American Quarter Horse Journal, and Western Horseman. A couple previously unpublished works are included as well.

In a foreword contributed by A. J. Mangum (creator of The Frontier Project and former editor of Western Horseman magazine) the collection is summed up: “Tom shares his pursuit of answers with a brand of journalism fueled by an intellectual curiosity his peers in the equestrian media would be wise to emulate, providing in the end a wisdom forged by observations, impressions and firsthand experiences.”

Remarkable horses and horse folk alike from an almost insanely wide spectrum of experiences are profiled in this compilation. From tremendous horseback adventures measured in the thousands of miles by such people as notable novelist, Douglas Preston, and Olympic medalist, David O’Connor, to the retirement of Joe, a beloved and long time Professional Bull Riders (PBR) pick up horse, to interviews with ranch women, Texas day work cowboys, Hollywood horse wranglers, and a vet pioneering innovative wound healing technology—Moates covers all this and more, now rounded up between two covers in: Round-Up: A Gathering of Equine Writings.

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