Dancing with Horses

ISBN: 9781908809063
Format: Paperback

Book Details

Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, a passionate horse lover with a professional background in communications, theatre and dance, has shaken up the international horse world with his thought-provoking theories. Having studied how horses use body language to communicate within the herd, Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling uses this visual language to develop an innovative and inspirational programme for every rider.

• Ensure your horse’s well-being, from the very start of his training to advanced work

• Learn how to develop trust, harmony and leadership through body
language and horse-oriented communication

• Use a method based upon centuries-old traditions embodying classical, spiritual and holistic principles

• Progress from the first encounter with your horse to the basic principles of High School

• Achieve true collection on a loose rein

All those interested in developing truly harmonious relationships with horses should consider the remarkable work and teachings of Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling.

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