ISBN: 9783939547945
Format: DVD

Book Details

Tips and Inspiration for Showjumpers and Coursebuilders of all levels, with the assistance of Ludger Beerbaum, Olympic Champion, World- and European Champion Olaf Petersen, international coursebuilder and member of the FEI Committee for Showjumping, designed the courses at the Olympic Games in Atlanta in 1996 and will act at the Olympic Games in Athen in 2004. In this DVD, Olaf Petersen shows the various types of course design explains how react to colours and what influence wings and decorations can have.

Other subjects convered:
– design of combinations – what seems easy, what appears to be difficult
– Distances between obstancles – how to analyze and step out the distances, how to ride them successfully
– Waterjumps – how to tackle them
– Design of Lines – in classical courses, in speed events, in jump-offs
– Safety – improved construction of obstacles, safty cups

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