The Jeffery Method of Horse Handling (Australian Title)

ISBN: 9780731612574
Format: Hardcover

Book Details

Introduction to the Jeffery Method of Horse Handling (Taken from the book) “Kel. B. Jeffery became a legend in his own lifetime, and there has been great interest and discussion created by his introduction of this thought-provoking method of handling horses. In this book the author gives a clear explanation of Jeffery’s Method, vividly illustrated with photographs. But he goes further than that; he broadens the subject to include a whole concept of horse handling and adds his own interpretations based on a lifetime of experience with horses. This book will be invaluable to many people, and particularly to the young who are joining Pony Clubs and Schools of Equitation with a view to learning the finer points of handling and riding horses with increased understanding, pleasure and success.”

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